Emily Williams-Wheeler, Small Works Juried Art Show, & North Dakota Student Juried Art Show featuring Local Artists

In Gallery I ~ Emily Williams-Wheeler's "Lint In My Pocket"

Detail of Lint in My Pocket Emily Williams Wheeler.jpg

Bits of random color and textures generally make up the lint in my dryer’s trap. At first glance, it appears grey, but if you look closely, one will find that it is more complicated than that.

I can’t help wondering about all the trivialities stored in our brain file. That colorful knowledge seems useless, but upon further consideration, it might just be those little nuances that help make us who we are.

What about the lint in your pocket?

I find there is an intimacy in the pull of broad paint strokes and the delicate, thoughtful line-work. Playfulness and mystery develop through the use of color, lines, and drips. Light translucent veils and solid chroma expose atmospheric profundity and emotion in my work. Acrylics are paired with graphite. Encaustics are sculptural. I sketch. I paint. I carve. I scrape. I build. I reveal.

My paintings are expressive with powerful colors, mood, motion, intricacies, and mysteries. I engage the viewer by exposing only a few clues as to what is buried beneath. I don’t want to give it all away. I want the viewer to keep coming back to discover more about the painting. Encaustic paintings have the wonderful ability to become sculptural. They are fluid and textural. Naturally, you just want to feel the wax, becoming intimate with its qualities.

I do the same with my acrylic paintings. As an abstract artist, I do not want to reveal the complete image--that would be too easy. I like to make one ask, “Why did she do that?” It’s just the beginning of the dialogue.

Educating the public about what I do is very important to me. I enjoy sharing my process, explaining the history, telling specific aspects of the media I use.  Art is a critical part of the whole.

Encaustic Paintings: Color and surface are important pieces of my work. After mostly painting using acrylics and graphite for years, I found the allure in working in encaustics. Working with this material is seductive, melding two of my loves: layering and revealing. Each painting is made of multiple translucent layers of melted pigmented wax that often encase oil sticks, graphite, charcoal, oil, and collage. As each layer gets added, it is fused to the previous one by using a butane torch or heat gun.

In Gallery II ~ Small Works Juried Art Show

Be sure to stop by and vote for your favorite piece in this wonderful community art show.  With over 80 entries, you will be amazed at all the talented artists in our region!

On Center Stage ~ North Dakota Juried Student Art Show Featuring Local Artists

We are so proud of our young artists in the Williston area!  This is a show not to miss!

Opening Gallery Reception will be on Friday, May 4 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.