Hooshang Khorasani & Austin Proctor ~ 4/3-30

In Gallery I ~ Hooshang Khorasani "Energy and Flow"

 Artist Statement

For me as I work, every second of feeling brings brush strokes on top of each other.  The result is brushwork completed over a period of time and days.  Later, I find that no change is possible because at that time, the finished work is locked.   It's not possible for even me to duplicate the piece – because that time and the feelings of that exact moment are past.  And tomorrow will be another day to start work again – and see where we will go.

The common theme for all my works is energy – energy in nature and the world around me, in moving colors that show power, in the inner life of my subjects.  I seek to unveil the mysteries and beauties of the universe.

Often, people ask me who my inspiration was in my artistic career.  Actually, I can't name anyone.  This doesn't mean I don't like other artists.  In fact, I've liked many other artists' work in my life.  But I just started digging in my own self to find me and start the expressing, the experiencing, the expansion.

Asymmetrical Bouquet, 24x30 inches, acrylic on canvas.jpg

 In Gallery II ~ Austin Proctor "Spirits"

Artist Statement

Why do I paint?

Why does anybody paint?

When I first started to go into art, I only made things that I thought people would like to see or expected from me. Luckily I stopped thinking that way…. See, not too long ago, I discovered my art itself did not only just have to be an image but also could make people feel and see things that weren’t just conveyed. Now I paint to create. I love to infuse my personal spiritual beliefs and emotions in a painting. Because of this, I get to watch people give off different emotions and reactions. I love feeling the energy they receive when they look at my art, and seeing how another person may view or take in my creations urges me to create more!

I paint because I want to inspire others to think and see things in many ways. I want people to look at things for more than what they are. I believe that portraiture and the human figure is fascinating. Our body language, facial expressions, and appearance all tell a story. This combined with spiritual symbols and use of color allow me to create and convey images of my own abstract and unconventional view of the world. Allowing people to see what it’s like to look at things differently and pay more attention to seeing the energy and emotions given off of people and places.