Mark E. Holter's "Layers of Identity" & Memorial Exhibit for Mr. Earle Dodd

In Gallery I,  Mark E. Holter's, "Layers of Identity" will be on display during the month of June.  Mark grew up in North Dakota and currently lives in Minot.  He earned his bachelor's degree at Minot State University and served in the U.S. Navy for ten years.

Artist Statement:

As we move through our lives, we are marked by experiences.  These experiences are layered in such a way that they help form who we are.  Some experiences are more definitive than others and are visible from across the room.  Other experiences that define us are not as obvious, but can be seen when someone gets close enough.  Sometimes we carefully expose the layers of who we are.  Other times we tear at them desperately.  We are imperfect, messy, and fascinating.  My paintings explore identity and its many layers.  I enjoy exposing small elements that make up the overall painting throughout the history of its creation.


In Gallery II, the works of Mr. Earle Dodd will be on display.  Due to Mr. Dodds recent passing, we are honoring his life by having a memorial gallery show for his family, friends, and the many lives of those he touched.  Mr. Dodd served as a member on our board of directors at the James and was instrumental in the success of our mission.