Michelle Lindblom "Nuances" June 1-30, 2016 Gallery I

Nuances-Shades of Red III.jpg

Artist Statement: The title of the exhibition “Nuances” describes the visual subtleties of the textures, colors, shapes and movements in nature which are an apt metaphor for our everyday encounters. I’ve always been intensely mindful of my surroundings and as my artistic journey continues, I find a heightened sensitivity and an increased interest in engaging and visualizing those everyday encounters. The resulting visual nuances are intriguing and unique, much like nature, herself.

Process: This exhibition is a result of experimenting with and assimilating the monotype and collage processes. These processes lend themselves well to the concept of layering materials and ideas. My manner of experimentation and discovery is both conscious and subconscious, not unlike like that of a child playing and naturally interacting with his/her environment. First, I create a number of simple monotypes that I can use as base layer for the collages or that can be adhered using the technique of chine-colle’. Secondly, I surround myself with a variety of materials which include printmaking paper scraps, dried leaves/plants, ribbon, wire mesh, string, scraps of previous prints, and whatever else is available and can be run through my printmaking press or glued relatively flat on a sheet of BFK printmaking paper. When using thin papers such as Japanese rice papers, I can sometimes layer up to four monotypes on a single piece, in addition to the variety of other materials I adhere to the surface. Once the collage is complete, each piece is then brushed with matt medium and pressed flat.

Chine-colle’ – printmaking technique in which the image is transferred to a surface that is bonded to a heavier support in the printing process, allowing the printer to print on delicate surfaces such as Japanese papers or linen.

Monotype – A single print taken from an image created in oil or printing ink on glass, plexiglass or metal.