May 2-31 Paintings by Mandeville. Todd Mandeville Gallery II

Artist Reception Friday May 13th, 6-8PM

Franky's Truck e-mail.jpg

Artist Statement

Being born and raised in Eastern Montana, along the hi-line, I have come to appreciate the rugged beauty we have here and the struggled our ancestors had to overcome. I am proud to be a Montanan and in my paintings I am painting a moment that time have forgotten, a feeling that particular object gives me. Each old truck and tractor has a story of their own to tell, we have shuck a fantastic history here. My inspirations comes from taking every day objects that we take for granted, some people think of as junk and showing how beautiful it can be.

I started my career as an artist late in my life; at the age of 45, during the most troubled time in my life. It gave me a purpose and a focus to make it through that time and I couldn’t live without it.

I always say I am painting a feeling, not just an object and with each painting a piece of me goes with it.

“Franky’s Truck” is my 5th painting and is the painting that gave me the courage to think I could actually sell my art. After I enter it at the fair, people were calling me to buy it.

Even if I didn’t sell my art, I will always paint.