August 1-25 "Memories Captured" by Daphne Clark


Artist Reception August 19th 7-9pm

Daphne Clark

I was born and raised in rural North Dakota only three miles from the Montana border. There is a rough beauty to this area few people get to enjoy as the population remains classified as frontier. Most of these counties have an average density of two people per square mile much because of their rough country. I believe the people who stay in this area are some of the most unique people in the world.

I want my work to capture a “snapshot in time” for the future or in some cases reinventing the past for people to remember. To that end a number of these works are of people who are characters who live in this area others are of people who were dearly loved who have passed on. Other works in this collection are from discarded old photos that no one wanted anymore or no longer remembered who the subjects were. There is a great satisfaction in capturing not only a person’s likeness but also their essence.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology in 2003 and in 2012, I enrolled at the Academy of Art University attend for a Master’s Degree in Fine Art Painting. I am approximately halfway through the program working primarily in oil and pastel.

It is a natural fit to bring together my background and love for this area, it’s people and the outdoors into my painting. There is a story in these rural areas just waiting to be told to the rest of the world and I want to be one of the people telling that story.Ar