November 4-30. Britt Dalice "Color of the Wild"


Artist Bio: Britt Dalice 

Artist Britt Dalice was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  She currently resides in Fargo, North Dakota.  Ever since she was young, she has had a passion for art, and she pursued her education in art at Concordia College and Minnesota State University of Moorhead.
Working primarily in oil paint, she uses both the traditional brush and the palette knife to apply paint to the canvas.  Her inspiration comes from the beauty of animals and the landscapes of nature.  Her work was recently featured at “TAG: The Art of Giving” and City Hall in Grand Forks. 


Artist Statement: Britt Dalice
My art is inspired by the beautiful colors I see in the elements of nature.  When I look at trees, I see not only green, but also reds, blues, yellow, oranges, and purples.  My goal is to translate all of these colors onto the canvas in a way that creates a multi-dimensional work for viewers to enjoy both up-close and from a distance.
I begin all of my paintings by applying a thin layer of oil paint to the canvas with a traditional brush.  Painting in only Burnt Sienna (a reddish-brown), I form the entire image.  Following this, I introduce subdued colors to the painting with the brush.  Finally, I take my palette knife and apply a thick layer of pure color to the image allowing the colors to mix directly on the canvas.   
Each time I apply paint to a canvas, it allows me to express how I see the world.  I love sharing the beauty and majesty I see in nature with my audience.