Building Rentals

Our entire facility is available for rental for parties, meetings, receptions, and public gatherings.

Pictured below: Center Stage, Classroom, Gallery 2, Gallery

***Rooms WILL NOT be guaranteed until a rental contract is filled out with the rental fee and deposit.  

***Rentals must be approved by the JMPS Board of Directors.

***Since the James is a non-profit we cannot make special exceptions to rental fees.

***All rentals must be scheduled through the office (701-774-3601) to be approved by the Board of Directors.

Office Hours are Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm, Friday 1-5pm.  

Please note: If you plan to stop by the building to drop off a contract over lunch, please call the office since our Assistant makes a run to take care of errands (mail, proofing cards...etc) that way someone will be in the office when you arrive. 701-774-3601


For available dates please call (701) 774-3601 or email

Please click below for printable facility rental contract: