Cindi Finley Mintie

Cindi Finley Mintie’s exhibit entitled, “Abracadabra: I Will Create As Has Been Spoken.” On display at the James, December 2nd-December 28th

Cindy Finley Mintie is a local, North Dakotan artist who grew up in Rugby, and now resides in Minot, ND. “As an artist, my mind is drawn toward creating eclectic, colorful and whimsical pieces with elements of surprise. I make my art from joy. I love the thought process used and my decision making to produce color flow and balance.”-Cindi Finley Mintie


“Abracadabra-From Cindi Finley Mintie’s collection entitled,“Abracadabra: I Will Create As Has Been Spoken.”

Deana Novak

Deana Novak’s, “Rooted in the Sky” in Gallery I and Juried Pop Culture Show in Gallery II

Deana Novak’s collection entitled, “Rooted in the Sky,” will be on display at the James in Gallery I from November 1st-November 30th. The Juried Pop Culture show will be on display from November 1st through December 30th.

“Ups and Downs”-from Deana Novak’s “Rooted in the Sky” collection

“Ups and Downs”-from Deana Novak’s “Rooted in the Sky” collection

Jamie Azevedo's Collections

In October, Jamie Azevedo will be showing two of her collections at the James Memorial Art Center

In Gallery I, Jamie’s collection entitled, “Female Gaze,” and in Gallery II, “Preserving History.”

$50.00 of each piece sold from her collection, “Female Gaze,” will be put into a fund to create a scholarship for a female student at WSC. Jamie is a photographer and also works with mixed media. Showing October 1st through October 29th.

Piece from Jamie’s collection entitled, “Female Gaze.”

Piece from Jamie’s collection entitled, “Female Gaze.”

Dakota Prairie Quilt Guild quilt show

Up in Gallery I & Gallery II the month of September we have the Dakota Prairie Quilters Guild quilt show. The quilts in Gallery I, will be up to view from September 1st-30th. The quilts in Gallery II will be up from September 1-9th. 

This quilt is up for raffle. Raffle tickets are $1 and can be purchased from the office. Raffle takes place on Sunday, September 9th. Need not be present to win.

This quilt is up for raffle. Raffle tickets are $1 and can be purchased from the office. Raffle takes place on Sunday, September 9th. Need not be present to win.

Mark E. Holter's "Layers of Identity" & Memorial Exhibit for Mr. Earle Dodd

In Gallery I,  Mark E. Holter's, "Layers of Identity" will be on display during the month of June.  Mark grew up in North Dakota and currently lives in Minot.  He earned his bachelor's degree at Minot State University and served in the U.S. Navy for ten years.

Artist Statement:

As we move through our lives, we are marked by experiences.  These experiences are layered in such a way that they help form who we are.  Some experiences are more definitive than others and are visible from across the room.  Other experiences that define us are not as obvious, but can be seen when someone gets close enough.  Sometimes we carefully expose the layers of who we are.  Other times we tear at them desperately.  We are imperfect, messy, and fascinating.  My paintings explore identity and its many layers.  I enjoy exposing small elements that make up the overall painting throughout the history of its creation.


In Gallery II, the works of Mr. Earle Dodd will be on display.  Due to Mr. Dodds recent passing, we are honoring his life by having a memorial gallery show for his family, friends, and the many lives of those he touched.  Mr. Dodd served as a member on our board of directors at the James and was instrumental in the success of our mission. 

Emily Williams-Wheeler, Small Works Juried Art Show, & North Dakota Student Juried Art Show featuring Local Artists

In Gallery I ~ Emily Williams-Wheeler's "Lint In My Pocket"

Detail of Lint in My Pocket Emily Williams Wheeler.jpg

Bits of random color and textures generally make up the lint in my dryer’s trap. At first glance, it appears grey, but if you look closely, one will find that it is more complicated than that.

I can’t help wondering about all the trivialities stored in our brain file. That colorful knowledge seems useless, but upon further consideration, it might just be those little nuances that help make us who we are.

What about the lint in your pocket?

I find there is an intimacy in the pull of broad paint strokes and the delicate, thoughtful line-work. Playfulness and mystery develop through the use of color, lines, and drips. Light translucent veils and solid chroma expose atmospheric profundity and emotion in my work. Acrylics are paired with graphite. Encaustics are sculptural. I sketch. I paint. I carve. I scrape. I build. I reveal.

My paintings are expressive with powerful colors, mood, motion, intricacies, and mysteries. I engage the viewer by exposing only a few clues as to what is buried beneath. I don’t want to give it all away. I want the viewer to keep coming back to discover more about the painting. Encaustic paintings have the wonderful ability to become sculptural. They are fluid and textural. Naturally, you just want to feel the wax, becoming intimate with its qualities.

I do the same with my acrylic paintings. As an abstract artist, I do not want to reveal the complete image--that would be too easy. I like to make one ask, “Why did she do that?” It’s just the beginning of the dialogue.

Educating the public about what I do is very important to me. I enjoy sharing my process, explaining the history, telling specific aspects of the media I use.  Art is a critical part of the whole.

Encaustic Paintings: Color and surface are important pieces of my work. After mostly painting using acrylics and graphite for years, I found the allure in working in encaustics. Working with this material is seductive, melding two of my loves: layering and revealing. Each painting is made of multiple translucent layers of melted pigmented wax that often encase oil sticks, graphite, charcoal, oil, and collage. As each layer gets added, it is fused to the previous one by using a butane torch or heat gun.

In Gallery II ~ Small Works Juried Art Show

Be sure to stop by and vote for your favorite piece in this wonderful community art show.  With over 80 entries, you will be amazed at all the talented artists in our region!

On Center Stage ~ North Dakota Juried Student Art Show Featuring Local Artists

We are so proud of our young artists in the Williston area!  This is a show not to miss!

Opening Gallery Reception will be on Friday, May 4 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Hooshang Khorasani & Austin Proctor ~ 4/3-30

In Gallery I ~ Hooshang Khorasani "Energy and Flow"

 Artist Statement

For me as I work, every second of feeling brings brush strokes on top of each other.  The result is brushwork completed over a period of time and days.  Later, I find that no change is possible because at that time, the finished work is locked.   It's not possible for even me to duplicate the piece – because that time and the feelings of that exact moment are past.  And tomorrow will be another day to start work again – and see where we will go.

The common theme for all my works is energy – energy in nature and the world around me, in moving colors that show power, in the inner life of my subjects.  I seek to unveil the mysteries and beauties of the universe.

Often, people ask me who my inspiration was in my artistic career.  Actually, I can't name anyone.  This doesn't mean I don't like other artists.  In fact, I've liked many other artists' work in my life.  But I just started digging in my own self to find me and start the expressing, the experiencing, the expansion.

Asymmetrical Bouquet, 24x30 inches, acrylic on canvas.jpg

 In Gallery II ~ Austin Proctor "Spirits"

Artist Statement

Why do I paint?

Why does anybody paint?

When I first started to go into art, I only made things that I thought people would like to see or expected from me. Luckily I stopped thinking that way…. See, not too long ago, I discovered my art itself did not only just have to be an image but also could make people feel and see things that weren’t just conveyed. Now I paint to create. I love to infuse my personal spiritual beliefs and emotions in a painting. Because of this, I get to watch people give off different emotions and reactions. I love feeling the energy they receive when they look at my art, and seeing how another person may view or take in my creations urges me to create more!

I paint because I want to inspire others to think and see things in many ways. I want people to look at things for more than what they are. I believe that portraiture and the human figure is fascinating. Our body language, facial expressions, and appearance all tell a story. This combined with spiritual symbols and use of color allow me to create and convey images of my own abstract and unconventional view of the world. Allowing people to see what it’s like to look at things differently and pay more attention to seeing the energy and emotions given off of people and places.



Williston Camera Club/ Woodworkers and Board of Directors Show

Please join us from March 10th through the 18th to view the wonderful works of the Williston Camera Club and the Williston Area Woodworkers Club.  The James will be open for extended hours including:  March 10th & 12th- 17th from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on the 11th and 18th from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.  The Woodworkers will be holding a silent auction which will end on March 18th at 3:00  p.m.  

From March 21st through the 29th we will be exhibiting artwork from our Board of Directors.  Regular hours will resume.

We hope to see you during the month of March!

Williston State College Student Art Show

This February the James will once again be filled with WSC student art.  This show will feature work from nearly 40 students from WSC Art Instructor, Lino Azevedo's 2D design, 3D design, drawing, and painting classes.  

This show is held every February at the James.  "Having the show at the James is a great chance to expose the community to the young artists at WSC." explained Azevedo.

Artist reception will be held on Thursday, February 1st from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Works will be on display in February and through the first week in March.  

Be sure to stop by to view these creations by WSC's incredibly talented students.