James Skinner & Community Art Collection

During the month of November, the works of James Skinner will be shown in Gallery I and the "Community Art Collection" exhibit will be displayed in Gallery II.  There will be an artist reception on Friday, November the 3rd from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.  

Gallery I~ James Skinner

Mr. Skinner received his bachelors degree in art education from Minot State University and currently teaches art at Williston High School.

Artist Statement:  My work tends toward realism with elements of fantasy and illustration in them.  I am an avid fisherman and this heavily impacts my art.  Most of my paintings and drawings are of fish or fish related imagery.  I enjoy imagining what the fish is doing right before it takes your bait or I get inspired when I see their actions in the wild.  I also have a love of fantasy art so that makes its way into my work.  Overall my art is about showing my feelings of the mostly aquatic world and my inspiration comes from the experiences I have had with it.

Gallery II~  Community Art Collection

This show includes collected works by art patrons Ardis Jacobson, LaVonne Hartel, Loyce Rauser, and Adrienne Stepanek.  

The inspiration behind this show:  One afternoon, long time art collector LaVonne Hartel was musing with her friend Ardis Jacobson about her desire to share her collection of paintings by a sister-in-law, a granddaughter, and other artists.  Ardis being not only an artist herself but also an avid art collector, loved the idea and reached out to fellow art patrons Adrienne Stepanek and Loyce Rauser.  The ladies met to share their thoughts and thus the "Community Art Collection" show was born.  We are grateful to these ladies for sharing their collected art pieces with the community. 

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